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2023 Design Trends

The New Year is here and so are our thoughts on home design trends for 2023. Overall, the theme of home designs is moving towards a space of authenticity and uniquely-you style so take what you love from our ideas and make it your own! Some trends of 2022 will continue strong and some we will bid adieu too. As the human race continues to evolve, part of it with the pandemic our thoughts, moods and life changes shape our design choices.

1. Nature Inspired Homes

Yes we will continue to see a lot of nature inspired spaces, furnishings and accents. They will help create this warmth and indoor outdoor seamless feeling we aspire for. The longing for discovery, travel and warmth will shape these choices and we love the look this trend brings. Wood tones in various natural textures such as bamboo, rattan, paulownia create the nature inspired look. Live edge cuts, textures, soft textured materials and natural tones will help accentuate this look.

2. Lime Wash Paint

2. Lime Wash Paint

Popularized by TikTok, the limewash paint trend is one of our favorites! It brings an organic feel to the home that can lend itself to so many different interior aesthetics. Whether your home is more of a rustic charm or modern minimal, limewash paint is a unique way to bring dimension to your walls.

3. Mix and Match Design Styles

The days of having to stick to one design aesthetic throughout your home are over! Like our personalities, our homes should showcase our different sides, interests, and aesthetics. There is room in your home to bring in neutrals and pops of color, to combine simple and minimal with East Coast charm, or boho textures with modern shapes.  It is the perfect way to make your home uniquely yours! Arch entries or curved windows are in!

4. Nostalgia-infusion

Last year, we saw the trend Coastal Grandma make its way through TikTok and Instagram, and since then, it  has been adapted into so many other retro-inspired aesthetics. We love seeing homes that evoke a nostalgic feel and think this one will carry on into this new year!

5. Colors Re-Invented

People will continue to embrace colors beyond just neutrals but not in bold shades. Warm shades such as ochre, rust, and cognac, will continue to grow on people. Black and Whites will continue strong but people will evolve beyond to more warmer colors especially in pillows, art and more.

6. Minimalist re-defined

6. Minimalist re-defined

Layered textures will be more popular than the typical clean, modern style. People will be playful in their choices as they combine wallpaper, warm wood elements, stone + concrete, and natural rattan to create their spaces truly unique. Layering will be an art and combining these textures such as metallics, ceramics, will continue

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