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Our art collection is a combination of the bright, moody, interesting and telling a story. The right art pieces tell a huge story at our homes and bring smiles. BlueGrape Studio picked pieces are assured to be of a great quality, not the regular store pieces.

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Meet Some of Our Amazing Artists and Photographers

Richard Silver is from New York but to him home is where his camera is. Richard has visited 78 countries and will be traveling for

the full year of 2017.

Richard's love for travel has afforded him many opportunities to shoot different cities and cultures. He loves iconic architecture,

whether it's ancient or modern, and is always focused on documenting beautiful structures in each new city he visits. Richard

loves using techniques such as Tilt Shift, HDR, Vertical Panoramas and Time Slice to present our everyday world in an altered

visual context. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country, including the Metropolitan Museum of

Art, The Skyscraper Museum and Krause Gallery in New York. Corporate clients include UNAIDS, Bank of America, Macy's AT&T,

Tiffany's and Cartier.

Richard Silver

Bobby Berk is best known as the design guru on Netflix's Queer Eye, but his rise to fame didn't happen overnight. Originally hailing from

Texas, Bobby left home at the age of 15 to pursue his growing passion for interior design in Denver and New York. After working his way up

in retail at Bed Bath & Beyond and Restoration Hardware, Berk became the Creative Director for Portico Home + Spa before deciding that it

time start his own brand. In 2006, Berk started his own company and opened his first showroom in lower Manhattan the follow

year. Years later, in 2015, he launched his full-service bespoke interior design practice for residential, commercial, and hospitality clientele.

Over the years, Berk's unique experience has helped builders take their projects to the next level by asking the hard questions and refusing

to offer anything other than the most innovative and exciting design solutions. Aside from creating these successful businesses, Bobby has

also received several awards and accolades from organizations including the National Association of Home Builders, PCBC's Golden Nugget

Awards, and Houzz. His Netflix show Queer Eye has won three Emmy Awards and been nominated for multiple People's Choice Awards. In

addition to these honors, Bobby is known as a public speaker and influencer on the subjects of design and entrepreneurship. Epitomizing

hip, minimalist urban luxury, Berk's designs reflect a stylish and youthful spirit that perfectly fits any cool and authentic modern lifestyle. For

further information, please visit

Bobby Berk

Our photography was born out of wanting to capture those moments. I think the moment we realized that this passion ran deep and

was more than a hobby was about 10 years ago, we had finally moved back west after grad school and were visiting Yellowstone

for the first time in about 3 years. It was the crack of dawn and we were watching 755M, '06 and several of the Lamar Valley wolves

shuttling meat from a carcass back to their puppies who were anxiously awaiting food delivery. As the wolves got their fill, two

bald eagles sat high above the scene waiting their turn. Ravens were not as patient and were becoming bolder as the wolves were

coming and going. In the distance we noticed a grizzly bear winding the scene and eventually finding its way to the carcass. The

grizzly was a long way off; a lone coyote had a small window of time to grab a few bites before the wolves came back for another

round and then the grizzly made it on the scene. The wolves were relaxing with their puppies but with a

view of the carcass. The coyote tried to hang around, the grizzly was having none of it. He settled in for his portion of the meal.

Throughout the morning we watched as this carcass fed so many different animals in the ecosystem and witnessing the delicate

dance they did around each other was nothing short of fascinating. We were hooked.

Curt and Stacy Howell